Monday, 10 July 2017


The Resource Center for Women and Girls (RCWG) is an organization based in Kenya, and works with young rural-urban girls and women from all parts of the country. The RCWG uses their prestigious empowerment and mentoring camps as a tool to promote personal transformation and empowerment among these girls. Our aim is to facilitate the development of the knowledge-base, so that young girls are better prepared to be not only agents of change in their communities, but also to participate in transformative leadership and the development of Kenya and of the African continent as a whole.
As an organization, we are made up of a small team of committed women who believe in leaving legacies for the next generation. We work with consultants from our networks, we train and mentor young rural-urban girls to develop awareness about themselves, and become potential key players in facilitating transformative change.  We therefore work to enhance their understanding of their human rights, social environment and to be more conscious actors in that environment. Our main goal is to invest in young rural girls and women as part of the process of maximising the potential of African societies to reproduce themselves. We want to transform our rural communities so that girls are afforded opportunities to learn, stay healthy and be agents of change. To this end, we are building a critical mass of informed girls (later women) who will be the agents of change and trailblazers in and for Africa.
We are looking for Interns who are willing to grow with the organisation, share in the mission and vision of the organisation and be part of this critical mass. 

  • Candidates must be young Women between the age of 19-29
  • Candidates must be willing to commit to a minimum of 4 months
  • Candidates must be an Alumni of the Prestigious Mentoring and Empowerment Camps of the RCWG
To apply, the following documents are required
  • Updated CV
  • Motivation Letter detailing why you should be considered for the Internship
  • Cover letter
Applications should be submitted to

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