Wednesday, 8 October 2014


October is considered to be pink significantly as it is the month women across the world strengthen their sisterhood bond by creating awareness of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Survivors voluntarily offering to become mentors and young women volunteering their services to promote this agenda.

With the prevalent cases in increase of breast and cervical cancer, promoting their awareness through the media, social networking sites and outreach programs provides the common citizen with information commonly ignored or brushed aside.


The resource center in support of Breast cancer and Cervical awareness program, is encouraging its beneficiaries in participating in open programs sponsored by medical hospitals within Nairobi such as Mater Hospital - BuruBuru and South B, and have free check-ups and learn how to perform a self examination by themselves and how to detect lumps.

The following is a demonstration of how to correctly perform a self breast examination

If you do not know your own body, who else will.
Be aware of your body