Thursday, 20 October 2011

Scrapbook Poem

Making this scrapbook won’t ruin my day
Although its components are mostly ‘bout pain
From child abuse
To rape at age 2,
To sexual harassment to women who do
Not deserve to be treated in such a manner
Why such stories make the paper leads one to wonder
What readers and editors do to change
The rapid amount of women derailed
From their daily activities and lives for that matter
What can be done? We need to help each other!
Although I’m just scrapbooking, I still have these thoughts.
Boy, I’d be heartless if I did not!
Thank God for programs like RCWG
That take and train girls starting in their teens.
We’re inspired to be leaders despite all odds
The sky is the limit! So what else are we taught?
To be emotionally intelligent and to overcome
Any obstacles, like double standards that just must
Be proven egregious through ALL of our actions
There’s no need for waiting ‘cuz we can SO make this happen!
Begin with connecting the dots with glee. 
And please don’t forget the first one starts with ME!
Continue by supporting each other
Sisterhood and solidarity totally works wonders!
You’ll be shocked to find out that these girls you meet today
Could potentially be the ones to save your lives one day
So make sure you stay in touch and communicate with each other
‘Cuz it’d be nice for more than one for US to be empowered!
So don’t take NO for an answer when it comes to taking a stand
Because the world will soon KNOW we’re inferior to NO man!
Wow, scrapbooking is taking so long
But luckily its inspired me to write this poem!
In the midst of all of the negative articles
There are still some women who succeed in letting us
Know that it’s possible to be empowered
Through education, confidence, and constant challenge hurdles.
So with little time to spare yet so many thoughts
I must conclude to continue my scrapbook!

Poem Written and compiled by

Teniola Olopade
Resource Center for Women and Girls
Camp Allumni

Monday, 26 September 2011


It was with great sadness just the other day we had to mourn our beloved mentor, heroine and shero Wambui Otieno Mbugua. It was a sad moment for us at the Resource Center given we had had a one on one with her and gotten to invite her over at our camp program to speak to our girls which was a total success at that and for sure just like every other person, our girls loved her and how she spoke to them confidently and very courageously. And even though at the time she was not very okay Health wise, we knew she would pull through, i mean this is Wambui, she always finds a way of getting herself out of a situation no matter how difficult it may seem. And so when news got out that she had passed on, we were caught by surprise!!However, we are glad that she had gotten to share alot with us and even though she might not be with us physically,,her legacy still lives on with us and the idea of the pace she set for every woman in this country. Here at the Resource Center we will make sure we continue with her great work and keep the fire burning as she was a very inspiring Trailblazer!!

If that was not enough, September 25, 2011 also became another shocking day for us at the Resource Center when we had that another one of our Trailblazers, Prof. Wangari Mathai had passed on due to cancer. Today we opt to celebrate rather than mourn her for the great environmental work she has done in the country, Here at the resource center, we always encourage our girls to take care of the environment and we could not have had a better example if it were not for Wangari Mathai. She has lived her life and even though her health got the better of her, we will always remember her for her great environmental work amongst other achievements. Therefore, for every tree you see wherever you go, remember the Great Prof. Wangari Mathai.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Machakos Office

So, Today marks the grand official opening of our new office in Machakos. What an exciting event it was. Okay, it wasn't as big as many would expect but i believe it was a start and it was big to us...very big indeed. The deputy mayor of the Machakos county actually showed up and gave a speech of how supportive his office would be to our work. That's actually great and it gives us hope of more great things to come our way in future. The girls that attended were actually also excited about the whole idea of having the Resource Center within their proximity. They would now be more able to meet and chat and also borrow books from our library and take them home to read.

Esther Mbete one of our Camp allumni will be in charge of the office and all the borrowing of books, etc.

Our director had actually invited the press to our event but due to unavoidable circumstances, they could not make it,Lol!!!
Anyway, we look forward to seeing more successful events and we Thank God for the one that has already kicked off!!!

All smilez :) :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

About the Resource Center

This is the Resource Center for Women and Girls (RCWG) blog where the Mentoring and Empowerment Camp for Girls is the tool which we seek to achieve personal transformation and empowerment for young African girls so that they are better prepared to participate in the leadership and development of the African continent among other programs.
This blog will basically feature articles from the Alumni ( girls and women from the training programs) and will keep you updated on relevant development issues.