Monday, 15 September 2014


 A sisterhood is my key to happiness.
True sisterhood is beautiful and rare,
It cannot be measured in gold or silver.
Good sisters are treasured for life.

As the heart needs a sister, all the time, 
To heed to love lost and Sisterhoods ended,
To admonish, guide, advice, and to cherish, 
In my best and worst moments.

 Sisterhood is love without wings,
Builds my confidence and makes it soar.
Sisterhood means caring and loving
Without judgment;
Sisterhood makes me feel special,
Race, size shape, background, and culture,
Don’t matter.
Sisterhood brings joy to all my days,
As it’s generous in loving;

I’ll sow, nurture and grow it,
My purest spring of life.
 Author: Caroline Mbinda

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