Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dedication to an Aunt, Grandma, Mentor and a Mother...

Life is too short,
It's not enough,
but we must understand,
That if we live it in love and faith,
a road will be made,
For the day we pass away,
We can take it,
and wait at the end, for those who once and always loved her.

She was well known as aunty, and to others as Nyanya (Grandma) and others just called her by her name. Rachel Kaloki, a woman of a kind, she always had something to say, jokes to crack and also lots of great advise to give.

I have to say, we are deeply saddened by her sudden death. Rachel Kaloki was a board member of the RCWG and also a great mentor at that. The girls at the camp loved her and we are grateful for the overwhelming support and messages of condolences we are getting.  It is not the best way to start the year, but we really celebrate a life well lived by Ms Rachel. We will Miss her, and her great enthusiasm more so, the energy and resilience she always had.

She showed love
She showed happiness
She showed laughter
She showed disappointment if you strayed
And did not hesitate to correct.

We will always remember you as the happy beautiful woman you were,
We will miss you
But now, we must let you rest calmly
As tears roll down our eyes
You will always be in our hearts and mind
So, Dear Ms Rachel, I must go, but we’ll never forget you’re one of a kind

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