Sunday, 16 December 2012

...Of Hugs and Kisses...

Public displays of affection are physical acts of intimacy the view of others. PDAs vary from one culture to another as well as time and context. I can involve handlidding, hugging, kissing, touching etc. What determines PDAs has to do with personal taste, cultural and religious beliefs. And any laws applying to a specific religion. There is a wide variance in what gestured are considered PDAs, and whether they are acceptable, tasteful or legal.

In western countries, it’s very common to see people holding hands, hugging and kissing in public. In Latin America, the practise of teenagers gathering in public parks to kiss, caress, or even have oral sex is common. In some countries, in south Asia, Africa and India, such acts are tantamount to serving a jail term because they are considered obscene. However, relaxation of previous generations’ social norms has made public displays of affection more common among the younger generations demographic.

The kiss on the cheek has to be one of the greatest mysteries of all times. One or two, on either cheek. We have those enthusiastic kisses which will go for more and will be intend on getting them. Why not one? Surely one can deliver the message fully. If you are of the one routine, you pull away after the first kiss and you leave your poor greeter with her or his lips pursed. You place your head back awkwardly and endure the rest.

Just when you’re thinking ‘thank God it’s over’ you see their face still leaning toward yours. You should be on high alert. He or she is going for the lips. If you’ve been caught in such a situation, you should be informed, because before you know it you’re locked in a mouth to mouth kiss.

The most peculiar thing about this segment of greeting is that you’ll normally get it from the most unbelievable sources. E.g. school mates, family, and friends. It’s even worse and awful since most people insist on talking during the greetings; it makes the counting and head co-ordination even the harder. Why do people have to kiss on the lips? The words add, unlikely and unnerving cannot aptly describe this behaviour of women and men with no gayish tendencies to insist on kissing each other on the lips. What’s worse, say in a public place, you only need to see the works of disgust and shock of the people around you especially conservative one’s to know what I mean.

Here goes my best group equation, for every five they knows, they’ll hug ten and here is how it works; A and B are friends. A meets B, hugs and kisses him or her, stands back, is introduced to C and promptly hugs her. They are especial;postID=1894801607510439230ly good at accompanying every greeting with sweet lies like ‘oh¦ my God, I missed you so much’ or ‘hey, bro, what’s up?’’ these people are just great to watch. If it’s not you they are embarrassing that is.

Another group that’s weird, you meet them today and within a week, you graduate from simple handshakes to those tight hugs that leave you barely breathing. It’s really taxing to wait until they’re done. Apparently, they call it showing affection. But seriously, seeing and knowing that adults of today were not brought up on a lot of touches, hugs and kisses. It’s understandable why the whole PDA thing is slowly cropping up in our society through the youths.

Unless you know what you’re doing, aim for the hand; stay away from hugs and kisses. Stick to the handshakes, you can never go wrong there.

Article by
Carol Mbinda
Camp alumni and Graduate

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