Monday, 26 September 2011


It was with great sadness just the other day we had to mourn our beloved mentor, heroine and shero Wambui Otieno Mbugua. It was a sad moment for us at the Resource Center given we had had a one on one with her and gotten to invite her over at our camp program to speak to our girls which was a total success at that and for sure just like every other person, our girls loved her and how she spoke to them confidently and very courageously. And even though at the time she was not very okay Health wise, we knew she would pull through, i mean this is Wambui, she always finds a way of getting herself out of a situation no matter how difficult it may seem. And so when news got out that she had passed on, we were caught by surprise!!However, we are glad that she had gotten to share alot with us and even though she might not be with us physically,,her legacy still lives on with us and the idea of the pace she set for every woman in this country. Here at the Resource Center we will make sure we continue with her great work and keep the fire burning as she was a very inspiring Trailblazer!!

If that was not enough, September 25, 2011 also became another shocking day for us at the Resource Center when we had that another one of our Trailblazers, Prof. Wangari Mathai had passed on due to cancer. Today we opt to celebrate rather than mourn her for the great environmental work she has done in the country, Here at the resource center, we always encourage our girls to take care of the environment and we could not have had a better example if it were not for Wangari Mathai. She has lived her life and even though her health got the better of her, we will always remember her for her great environmental work amongst other achievements. Therefore, for every tree you see wherever you go, remember the Great Prof. Wangari Mathai.


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